The Meaning of Email Spam

If you are using emails for any reason, the chances are high that you have heard about email spam. It is like that you have gotten email that you don’t know the sender and you don’t solicit for it. When you sign into your email account and find a lot of unsolicited emails, definitely, you will not feel happy even though you can delete them from your spam box. Email spam refers to unsolicited emails or any email the sender does not request for. Apart from being unsolicited, the address as well as the identity of the sender is not known to the recipient. Another feature of email spam is that the sender normally sends to a large number of people at the same time. Email spam senders use email spam software which is capable of sending spam to thousands of recipient at the same time.

Another significant feature of email spam is that recipient is not able to stop subsequent spams from entering into their email box. The option for the recipients of spam email is to keep deleting them from their inbox. Email spammer senders can buy spam tools online, are very crafty and make every effort to avoid being tracked and face lawsuit if they are caught. This is the reason why they resort to the use of foreign IP address.

Reasons why email spams are sent

Spam senders are normally internet fraudsters who are seeking for a way to obtain personal information or financial details of the unsuspecting recipients of the spam. In other words, the sender has a malicious intent. So, people who are not aware of the malicious intention of the spam email will innocently reply them. By replying the email, the sender will get the required information he is targeting. However, some email spams are not malicious in intent. Some are sent out for commercial purposes or other purposes best known to the sender. A large number of email spams are commercials on adult products. However, regardless of the reason for which it is sent, email spam is illegal and immoral. This explains why email service providers and as well as many governments have legislate against it. Measures have been taken by email service providers to put an end to this unholy practice.

Why moves are made to stop email spam

Though email spams are not completely negative, email service providers as well as governments of different nations have taken steps to forestall it. One of the major reasons why these measures are taken is for the protection of minors. As mentioned above, a large number of these emails advertise adult contents and products which children are not supposed use or watch. It is much likely that children will have access to such contents if they are not checked. Another reason why moves are made to checkmate email spam is scam associated with it. Some of these unsolicited emails are designed to lure their recipient into divulging their financial and account details to these fraudsters who will fraudulently use the information. This explains why identity theft as well as credit card fraud is on the increase.