Prepaid cards issued by many banks to their customers are now becoming widely in used just like credit and debit cards. As it is the case with payroll cards, there are many kinds of prepaid cards available today. Each issuer of these plastic cards has its terms and conditions for the use of the card. But in general, holders of such a card are required to fund the card with a stipulated amount of money on monthly basis before it can be used for purchases or payment.

The growing popularity of prepaid card is based on the fact that its dependence on the financial stability of the holder is lower when compared with other forms of cards. For this reason, people who are not able or do not meet the requirement for the issuance of credit card can easily meet the requirement of prepaid card. Besides the two can be issued to one person and this is why a lot of holders of credit cards also have prepaid cards. However, people request for this card because it does not have much security issue as credit card.

But on the negative side, prepaid cards are not used for all transactions. They are not widely accepted as credit cards. There are certain goods and services that cannot be paid for with prepaid cards. This is the reason why prepaid cards are not frequently used as credit cards are. On the positive side, payment made with prepaid card does not attract any chargeback to any of the parties involved in the transaction even if one is not happy with the transaction. This aspect of prepaid card may be a disadvantage for the users but a thing of joy for the merchant.

Like every other type or cards, prepaid card use personal identification code number shortly and commonly known as PIN. Regardless of this and its other security features, fraud can also be committed through it. The fraudsters are becoming more and more crafty and smarter in carrying out their heinous act. This is why cases of prepaid card theft are on the increase today. The fraudsters keep changing methods without abandoning the old methods they have been using. Some prepaid card fraudsters have also become technologically more sophisticated than before. They can provide a card that seems to be well funded when in actual fact there is no money in the card. The fact that a prepaid card can be used to purchase item in credit of a stipulated amount worsens the situation.

When there is a prepaid card fraud, it is normally the shop owner that bears the lost or is held responsible for something that he or she does not know anything about. This is why merchants should be very careful when accepting payment with credit card. The use of bindb software is one of the veritable means of avoiding prepaid card fraud. With a BIN (bank identification number) lookup, shop owners will be able to know the card details and then match it with the information provided by the users before approving any order.

Here are various ways social media marketing will benefit your business.

  1. Increased brand popularity

Social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others are great platforms for increasing brand awareness. The reason for this is quite obvious. Millions of internet users visit the social media sites on daily basis. So, if you are marketing your business via the platform, you stand a better chance of engaging with a large audience. It is even possible to create a community or a forum in these platforms. With such a forum, you can obtain feedback directly from your customers.

  1. Generation of more inbound traffic

Marketing your business via the social media helps it to create more inbound traffic which will go beyond your usual customers. With the social media platform, you can speak to any person other than those that are within your loyal customer circle. The beauty of social media marketing is that any person you included to your marketing mix will become an avenue through which your website can be accessed. Besides, each of your post is more likely to bring new customers to you.

  1. Enhanced your search engine ranking

Search engine ranking is very important in the doing of business online. Consequently, it is of crucial importance that you invest in search engine optimization. Using the social media platform to promote your business will also help to improve your search engine optimization. Note that the social media marketing does not increase search engine ranking directly. Therefore, you need to also invest in it and hire experts that will provide you with contents created with the right keywords. If you have quality contents, internet users will share them. Industry influencers will start to create content about your business and this will generate backlinks to your website.

  1. Higher conversion

Another advantage of social media marketing is that it has higher conversion rates. Your posts, images, videos and contents on your business will always take readers to your business’ website.

If you are using emails for any reason, the chances are high that you have heard about email spam. It is like that you have gotten email that you don’t know the sender and you don’t solicit for it. When you sign into your email account and find a lot of unsolicited emails, definitely, you will not feel happy even though you can delete them from your spam box. Email spam refers to unsolicited emails or any email the sender does not request for. Apart from being unsolicited, the address as well as the identity of the sender is not known to the recipient. Another feature of email spam is that the sender normally sends to a large number of people at the same time. Email spam senders use email spam software which is capable of sending spam to thousands of recipient at the same time.

Another significant feature of email spam is that recipient is not able to stop subsequent spams from entering into their email box. The option for the recipients of spam email is to keep deleting them from their inbox. Email spammer senders can buy spam tools online, are very crafty and make every effort to avoid being tracked and face lawsuit if they are caught. This is the reason why they resort to the use of foreign IP address.

Reasons why email spams are sent

Spam senders are normally internet fraudsters who are seeking for a way to obtain personal information or financial details of the unsuspecting recipients of the spam. In other words, the sender has a malicious intent. So, people who are not aware of the malicious intention of the spam email will innocently reply them. By replying the email, the sender will get the required information he is targeting. However, some email spams are not malicious in intent. Some are sent out for commercial purposes or other purposes best known to the sender. A large number of email spams are commercials on adult products. However, regardless of the reason for which it is sent, email spam is illegal and immoral. This explains why email service providers and as well as many governments have legislate against it. Measures have been taken by email service providers to put an end to this unholy practice.

Why moves are made to stop email spam

Though email spams are not completely negative, email service providers as well as governments of different nations have taken steps to forestall it. One of the major reasons why these measures are taken is for the protection of minors. As mentioned above, a large number of these emails advertise adult contents and products which children are not supposed use or watch. It is much likely that children will have access to such contents if they are not checked. Another reason why moves are made to checkmate email spam is scam associated with it. Some of these unsolicited emails are designed to lure their recipient into divulging their financial and account details to these fraudsters who will fraudulently use the information. This explains why identity theft as well as credit card fraud is on the increase.